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  Land Use Entitlement Permit Application - 2012 - This application is for the following permits:

Conditional Use Permit & Conditional Use Permit Amendment

Minor Use Permit

Site Plan Review

Change of Zoning (General Plan Amendment)

Specific Plan


 Administrative Temporary Use Permit Application (Updated 2015)


  Appeal Application (2012)


  Business License Application (See Business License page for more information)


  Encroachment Permit Application (2015)


  Environmental Questionnaire


  Filming Permit Application (2015)

(See Film Commission page for more information.


  Home Occupation Permit Application  (See also Business License page)


  Sign Permit Application (2013)


  Subdivision Application


 Temporary Use Permit Application


  Traffic Study Policy


  Road Closure Request Form


Dig Alert

Planning to dig on your property for an upcoming project? Underground Service Alert of Southern California (USA/SC) requests that anyone planning to dig should contact the regional notification center and input their information online at for single address excavations, or dial 811 at least two (2) days before starting work.


This will ensure compliance with California Government Code Section 4216.9(a) which states: "No permit to excavate issued by any local agency, as defined in Section 4216, or any state agency, shall be valid unless the applicant has been provided an initial inquiry identification number by a regional notification center...." The goal of the USA/SC is the prevention of loss of life, injury, and/or property damage.

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